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Each year people in the U.S. go to the doctors more than one billion times...

The Patient Report is here to help you become
an "active patient."

What does “active patient” mean? Active patients participate with their doctors in their care. They get the best outcomes possible for themselves and their individual needs. Research proves the active style works--- no question.

Being a patient is a “job,” separate from the medical problem of the day. How do you do this “job?” How can a friend or family member help?

We offer you, your friend or family member practical advice so you can do your “patient job.”Active doctor patient communication

You’ll understand more about how to communicate with caregivers and staffers as you make your way through your patient experience.

  • Finding Doctors
  • Doctor Visits
  • Diagnosis
  • Emergencies....After-Hours Care
  • Hospitalizations
  • Practical Advice for Patients and Family Caregivers
Is anyone really ready to get a call from an Emergency Room? “Come right away!” Do you know how to get the best information you can before making treatment choices?  If you have a loved one admitted to a hospital, you need help knowing how to help in these fast-moving places. It's all here.

In addition to The Patient Report (TPR), my How To Speak Doctor
R Blog brings you updates organized the same way. Wherever you find yourself in the health care system, we’ve been there.

TPR and the blog posts are based on trusted research resources, peer-reviewed articles, news about hot topics and my experience inside the health care system. Their purpose is to help show you how to find your way, wherever you are.

During my career in journalism, as a hospital executive and then back to journalism, I saw so clearly that words are among the most powerful tools in patient care...but far too few people know how to use words to get the best, safest care available to them.

Think about it. One billion visits to doctors each year? If only one important word is missed or misunderstood, errors and delays, or worse, occur.  

You want to be the patient, or the patient’s own advocate, who knows how to do this “job.”

We are here to help.

Cheree Cleghorn Editor & Publisher

Cheree Cleghorn
Editor & Publisher